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Best Practices

Date formats

Date formats are in ISO 8601 Timestamp format, yyyy-mm-ddTxx:xx:xxZ, format for setting and returning date values (For example: {“startDateTime”: “2022-07-03T00:00:00Z”,).

Create a Developer User

If you are using the Pelican API to GET or POST to one or multiple Pelican Sites, it is advisable to create a separate (non-personal) user just for integration purposes. This way it is clear in the User Management section of the Pelican App which credentials are being used for integration purposes.

Pulling Data

If you do not need real-time data, instead of pulling data continuously, it is always better to request historical data over an expanded time range.

Query Data for All Thermostats at a Site

To query data for all of the thermostats at a site, instead of making one request per thermostat, leave the selection criteria empty. This defaults to select all thermostats, allowing you to retrieve data for the entire site in a single request instead of needting to potentially make hundreds of requests.