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Username and Password

The Pelican API uses a username (email address) and password based authentication process. You have to include the values: username and password in each request.

username – This is the email address of a validated Pelican App user. This email address is added to the Pelican App and created by an admin of the app. The section is identified as User Management within the app.

password – This is the password for the address linked to the username attribute above. Since the Pelican API only allows SSL connections, the password is automatically encrypted for each request.

Token Request - MySites Attribute

In the case authentication through the use of a token is desired, you can generate a token to authenticate across all the individual Pelican Apps that you have access to through MySites. This includes sites that have been shared using the “share my site” function on the Pelican Dashboard, but your username and password do not directly have access to.  To do this you authenticate with MySites using your username and password to the MySites API with a request for a token to be generated. The response will include the token and the token can now be used to authenticate with all Pelican App’s associated with your MySites.  Tokens are valid for 24 hours.

Example MySites token request:


Example token response:

					<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <message>Retrieved attributes for 1 sites.</message>