Smarter HVAC for Smarter Schools

Revolutionize your school's HVAC systems with cutting-edge technology.

Simplify your school's climate management system with Pelican Wireless and say goodbye to complex and expensive third-party systems.

Pelican provides comprehensive control over all your HVAC systems without the hassle of expensive hardware, custom programming, controls contracts, and planned obsolecense.

The Future of School District Climate Management is here.

Gain complete campus wide management with ease.

Navigate between multiple buildings, across campuses, around district, and between rooms with ease.

Make real-time adjustments through the Pelican app.

Adjust any room’s temperature, humidity level, ventilation rates, equipment operations, and more.

Optimized equipment and occupied and unoccupied schedules.

Schedule rooms on individual bases or share common schedules between multiple spaces.

Trusted by Tens of Thousands

Your District. Your Control.

With your current climate management platform you never really seem to be in control of your HVAC systems. Instead you are always waiting on a 3rd party to answer a phone or charge you hourly for assistance. By switching to Pelican your district does not have to put up with this anymore. And its a lot easier to fix than you think!

You shouldn't be dependent on others.

Your current system is
overly complex.

Traditional platforms have no remote accessible due to security risk, slow  speeds, and the lack of a real virtual interface.

The control companies love keeping your HVAC system locked down and your district held hostage.

Your control platform is outdated, making it hard to make simple changes and requires constant 3rd party assistance and costs.

Your current solutions strip away your control.

Your district may find itself stuck in a costly cycle of routine maintenance and upgrades. Feeling like there is no exit in sight.

Your platform limits your capability and a reduces your ability to quickly service your units and respond to complaints.

Your district is continually paying 3rd party control provider for service assistance on your own system.

Your current system keeps
costing you more and more.

Unable to respond to the comfort of your students, teachers, and faculty in a timely manor due to no real virtual accssibility.

Funds going to finance hardware and software upgrades, unnecessary truck rolls, and hourly service calls vs directing that money to fix the actual problems.

Build-in obsolescence, annual maintenance costs, inflated programming expensive, and ridiculous hardware costs are tying you down.

Regain control of your climate systems and ensure comfort.

Pelican has installed our climate solution across thousands of districts just like yours. Our innovative solution hands the power back to the facility and operation management teams, so they can track their systems, make necessary and immediate adjustments, and identify how their facilities or operating.

How our solution can help you.
And where it has helped others.


From single zone rooftop package units to full multi-zone built up systems. No matter your application Pelican offers equipment controllers with a full graphic feedback management platform.

Staged Equipment
All the major brands and less known equipment manufacturers, Pelican has a controller.

Ventilation & Economization
Manage ventilation rates, temper outdoor air, and economize when able.

Modulation Control
Variable speed fans, modulating heating and cooling, and exhaust management.


If your district has make-up airs, exhaust fans, dedicated outdoor equipment, or other systems that run to maintain proper ventilation Pelican has the solution.

Dedicated Outside Air
Deliver the correct air flow to ventilation multiple spaces. Link to CO2 readings or use a schedule.

Exhaust Fans
Maintain building pressures by modulating to a pressure set-point.


Take advantage of your boilers, chillers, cooling towers and make sure all your pumps are running to meet the load of your facilities.

Chillers, Boilers, & Cooling Towers Reset target water temperatures, open isolation valves, monitor flow rates, and retain all plant safeties with full graphic feedback.

Constant & Variable Pumps
Enable, lead/lag, and utilize standby pump control. Constant volume or variable control to flow or pressure targets.


Lights to schedule on and off?

Refrigeration and freezer temperatures to monitor?

Schedule other equipment around your district?

Contact us and we can help with your application needs.

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In todays world how should you choose the right climate management solution?

Make sure the solution you are getting puts you in control. Has a powerful app that can be used from your smart phone. Runs in real-time with fast speeds. Has no continual costs, obsolescence schedules, or require long learning curves. And offers control solutions for all your district applications. It is time to break free from the handcuffs of traditional controls.

Ready to take control?

Reach out to one of our control experts and they will help gude you on how Pelican Wireless can help.