Wireless Gateway Security Specifications


The Pelican Wireless Gateway serves as the communications hub between Pelican Thermostats installed at a customer site and Pelican Cloud Servers. Pelican maintains Cloud Based (Interne) servers which store al of the configuration and historical operating statistics for a customer site. These are located at...
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Tenant Billing: After Hour Usage Reports

Many building managers pay for their tenants After Hour HVAC energy usage because they have no simple tool that monitors exactly when tenants are using their HVAC. Pelican’s provides its customers with a simple spreadsheet that lays out exactly how much each tenant is consuming in kWh...
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Climate Control API Interface Specification

Pelican Wireless Systems provides an open standards based real-time interface to all of the management features of their Internet Programmable Thermostats.  The interface uses simple Http GET and POST commands to request thermostat settings or change active parameters.  All responses are provided using standard XML...
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Wireless Frequency Comparison with WiFi

Pelican Wireless Systems utilizes the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard. This standard was designed to be compatible and coexist with the Wifi standard IEEE 802.11. Because of their design, they can coexist in the same frequency channels. However, the IEEE 802.15.4 standard allows for...

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